Breath coaching sessions

Each breath work journey is unique

What can I expect from a breath coaching session?

I will provide you with a brief introduction to breathwork and its benefits before taking you through the components of the technique.  I will then guide you through a breathing exercise together to assess your breath pattern and to establish the optimum breathing position for you; this will either be lying flat or elevated.  I will demonstrate the technique and we will then have the opportunity to address any questions that may have come up for you before we go into your breath practice.

I will be fully present to guide you throughout your session and to hold space for whatever comes up for you. You will be in a safe, secure and nurturing environment allowing you can fully relax into the process.

Each breath work journey is unique as it is your own bodies innate wisdom that will guide you through the process allowing you to access inner blockages, negative thoughts, emotions and patterns and bring changes in your life for the better.

After the breathwork session

After the breathing session is complete you will be invited to come out of the state you are in very gently and slowly in order to fully integrate your experiences. There will also be time for us to discuss anything that has come up for you and for you to ask any questions if you feel it appropriate. I will also talk to you about after care in the 24 hours following your session, so you are best placed to process and integrate your experience. 

As a practitioner and a massive advocate of the benefits of breathwork I would encourage you to introduce a daily practice into your life and I am very happy to discuss how best to achieve this and to support you through this process after your session.

Sessions can either be in person or via zoom on a 1:1 basis and I also run group workshops. To find out more information regarding dates and availability please contact me directly.

"It’s been a revelation working with Claire’s breathwork techniques in more ways than I could have imagined. After our session, I felt incredibly relaxed and slept deeply - something I had not done in a while. I felt super energised and gained great clarity. Claire herself is a joy to work with - she is calm, connected and encouraging. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you for starting me on my breath work journey Claire!

Lisa Sewards